Genoform 3.0.0 is now released

After many years of patient development. We are happy to release Genoform 3.0.0 version. This version works with SolidWorks 2010~14 and Rhino 3.0~4.0 with Grasshopper 9.00062.

Whats the big difference ?

  • You can now Group the driving parameters
  • Smaller foot print and independent windows
  • Selective Generation ( you can select generative parameters )

Let us know what you think ?

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  1. Steve James says:

    We have a growing industrial design & engineering department in Southern California (Mt San Antonio College Industrial Design Engineering)
    We are very excited about the possibilities of your software
    Students can’t wait to get started (we tried the earlier version)
    Your website says Genoform 3.0 is released, but I don’t see a download link– is it available? Are there free and commercial versions? If commercial version exists, how much $$ per seat?
    Will you offer educational discounts or incentives?
    We run SolidWorks 2013-2014 (edu version)

    • admin says:

      Hi James, The current version of Genoform is free. You can down load it from : Please give it a try.
      We are going to update this version soon. Some designs created by Industrial Design students at NUS (Singapore) is featured in Let us know if you have any issues with the software. We look forward to featuring what your students do with it.

      • Steve James says:

        Thanks for quick response. I downloaded & installed Genoform 3.0, but it hangs up & crashes when I launch. I still have the older 2.4 version still installed. Do I need to uninstall that first?
        My machine is a 64 bit Intel Core i7 970 @3.2 Ghz 12Gb of RAM
        Using SolidWorks 2011. I will be updating to SW 2014 in a few days.
        Any suggestions?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Steve, We have checked it with SW2012 and it seem to work fine. Pls try it with SW2014 and let me know. We are also planning to release an updated version soon.

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