Genoform 3.0.0 to be released soon

We are happy to announce the pending release of Genoform 3.0.0 . It has significant improvements over our previous versions.

  1. You can now group the parameters (so you can separate and group the key parameters from the less important parameters)
  2. You can lock and unlock parameters individually and by group
  3. Clean up functions to discard failed results
  4. Use generated images using windows directories to delete designs (so you can bring one next to each other and discard similar ones)
  5. Hide irrelevant parameters
  6. Remove designs by deleting generated images
  7. Individually set limits on filter parameters  (using sliders)
  8. Reload CAD file without having to close and open Genoform
  9. Much smaller UI (we want to allow the screen for design work ( the rest are in pop-up windows)
  10. Navigate in view to a desired design (by number)

We are looking forward to releasing this soon.

Controller UI
View Popup




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  1. Fedro says:

    Very good post. I will be experiencing some of these issues as well..

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