What is Genoforming

Genoforming is a particular way of implementing generative design on top of parametric CAD systems . You need to first create a genetic model (in a parametric CAD system, currently in either Rhino/Grasshopper or  SolidWorks) and then use Genoform to explore design possibilities based on it. This is relatively easy. But then suddenly you will have a problem that no designers faced before : Too many designs



A problem now of selection

Genoform  generates thousands of designs creating a problem of selection.They need to be filtered. Unfortunately complex goals cannot be  evaluated numerically. But some can be. So here the designer is enabled to filter out designs based on numerical of visual judgment or criteria.  The final choice is left to the designer.






What is Genetic Modelling ?


Controller UI


A genetic model is essentially a parametric model. Ideally it should capture the geometric essence of the design.  It can also contain within it self geometric relationships that capture the desired geometric qualities of the design. Genoform works a s a plugin with CAD programs extracting acting on parameters. These parameters are chosen from the dimensions set in SolidWorks and Inventor or Sliders set in Grasshopper. It generates random values within a rage (which you can adjust) to create design variations. It is that simple.

Good Genetic Models will surprise you

Genoform allows you to control the scope of creative exploration by a slider bar so that you can control the level of creative exploration. It allows you to control the scope of your exploration.